The USG Princeton Mental Health Initiative works to increase awareness of mental health by connecting students with information about campus resources, reducing stigma that may prevent students from seeking help, and promoting constructive dialogue across campus to build a more supportive community.

In addition to representing the student body and working with the administration to improve mental health university policies, an important part of the Mental Health Initiative Board’s work is to organize campus-wide programs for Mental Health Week.

Now in its fourth year, the goal of Mental Health Week is to bring together a wide-ranging series of programs and events at Princeton in order to devote special attention and focus to issues concerning mental health and wellness in our campus community.

Meet the Board

NathNathan Yoo '17an Yoo ’17



sarahSarah Sakha ’18



MattMatt Błażejewski ’17



jordanJordan Ingersoll  ’18



morganMorgan Brewton-Johnson ’18



Nazik Enaziklmekki ’18



Shanshanaa Salomon ’18



ji sungJi-Sung Kim ’18



tobiTobi Jegede ’18



julieJulie Newman ’18



christinChristin Park ’18



Joe Redmond ’18joe



meganMegan Chung ’19



Marina Latif ’19marina



nadeemNadeem Demian ’19



alisonAlison Herman ’19



laylaLayla Varkey ’19