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Why to stop by The Women’s Center

According to the mission statement of the Women’s Center—and the general consensus (I think) of many students on campus—the space is first and foremost “a resource for student activism on gender-related issues.”  Many students may think that because they don’t harbor a feminist agenda, the center does not offer any sort of relevance to their […]

A sampling of alcohol-related initiatives and resources at Princeton

Princeton is very committed to working with students, faculty, and administrators to effect cultural and behavioral change and address high-risk drinking on campus.  There are a number of important resources and initiatives on campus that focus on this issue.  Below are several of these efforts. Alcohol Coalition Committee (ACC) Since its formation in 2007, the […]

Good Math, Bad Math

The best college advice I ever got was a riff on a math metaphor by an English professor. At the end of freshman week, after a bad ear infection and hours spent in the cool basement of Holder (I still wasn’t used to the humidity; I’m from Utah), my academic advisor took us out for […]

A Real Conversation

My to-do list for today was as daunting as ever. In addition to attending classes, I had homework, job and fellowship applications for next year, my current job on campus, extracurricular activities, and, of course, that beast that everyone either talks about or avoids talking about – the thesis. Add to this the little things […]

A Question of Identity

As a 21 year-old Nigerian-American, first-generation, low-income female college student (yes, so many descriptors), I feel that I am both proud and still somewhat ashamed of my background. When I started college three years ago, I was nothing but proud. Despite the fact that I came from a poorer background than 90% of my peers, […]

My Second Chance

In some ways, Princeton was the worst and best place I could have been when I got sick. The illness was easy enough to hide, or at least easy enough to mask with all those things I thought Princeton students normally felt– tired, anxious, worried, guilty, and even restless. The sadness was the one thing […]