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Students share personal experiences with mental health and how they balance work, sleep, and stress on campus. Let us know here if you would like to submit your own perspective.

Good Math, Bad Math

The best college advice I ever got was a riff on a math metaphor by an English professor. At the end of freshman week, after a bad ear infection and hours spent in the cool basement of Holder (I still wasn’t used to the humidity; I’m from Utah), my academic advisor took us out for [...]

A Question of Identity

As a 21 year-old Nigerian-American, first-generation, low-income female college student (yes, so many descriptors), I feel that I am both proud and still somewhat ashamed of my background. When I started college three years ago, I was nothing but proud. Despite the fact that I came from a poorer background than 90% of my peers, [...]

My Second Chance

In some ways, Princeton was the worst and best place I could have been when I got sick. The illness was easy enough to hide, or at least easy enough to mask with all those things I thought Princeton students normally felt– tired, anxious, worried, guilty, and even restless. The sadness was the one thing [...]

Let’s do this right: How to have a better conversation about mental health

It is very possible that Mental Health is about to become a trendy topic. Celebrities are going to start staring into cameras and using over-worked statements; “Parents” are going to care about “the children”; mental health environment is going to become a buzz-phrase applied to everything from the inner city to malls. We need to prepare for [...]

One Way to Get There

My freshman year was tough. I had moved to Princeton from far away and struggled to adjust to almost everything, from the cold weather to the social scene. I missed my family and friends, and although I was overwhelmed by work I still felt the constant pressure to jam my schedule full of activities, striving [...]

A New Honor Code

We need to honor ourselves. Not in a superficial way, and not by saying “I know I am special because I got into Princeton.” We need to look at ourselves and appreciate who we are and where we currently stand. We need to learn how to say “I am okay as I am” while accepting [...]